The Garden Club of London


About the Garden Club…


  • having FUN WITH FLOWERS and plants with an emphasis on education in the areas of design, horticulture and conservation



DESIGN has two divisions…

  • flower arranging
  • decorative applications
  • both divisions involve the creative use of fresh and dried plant materials and found objects


HORTICULTURE encompasses…

  • the cultivation of indoor and outdoor plants
  • care of indoor and outdoor plants
  • garden planning
  • plant identification
  • the practical use of plant materials, herbs, compost



  • the preservation of natural areas
  • the enhancement of public properties
  • financial support for community project





Winter is upon us. Its chilly air leads to the frosty trimmings on trees and grasses left in the garden to present us with pictorial beauty for the next few weeks and months. We now hGiant Snowflakeave time to enjoy some of the pleasures of home and away (or maybe not) that we have put aside for the past busy time. 


Some snowbirds will visit our feeders looking for seeds, while offering a flash of brilliance in our gardens and other snowbirds will head south for sunshine, golf and shopping. It is wonderful that we are able to take advantage of so many opportunities and adventures.

 Our Club has seen many winters and will look forward to seeing  many more. We continue to produce new and exciting items in out Monday morning studio gatherings and put forth interesting, worldly flower show and improve our Woodland Garden. We have new members who are showing great interest in the operation of the Club and have taken on some positions of responsibility and we thank them very much for that. Our commitment to the community is an ongoing promise, and although there will be some changes in the future, they will be minor

The website is working very well and the library will soon be available for you to search for information by title, author of subject. The online directory is the mostup-to-date source of information on the membership. 

 You should also make sure that you look in the conservatory for the exhibit hanging there. This is a teaser for a larger exhibition that will be on display, probably next September in the grounds around the complex.

As you can see, the club is busy and there are adventures ahead, including the Floral Odyssey to Ireland. Keep up the great work and make every day an adventure.

Jeanne Anne Goldrick



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