Civic Garden Complex

 A Brief History 

Several decades ago, The Garden Club of London donated  $275,000 to the City of London for a four-way partnership in the construction of the Civic Garden Complex, located at 625 Springbank Drive, west of Wonderland Road. This amount matched the Federal and Provincial infrastructure monies, thereby assuming a free” gift to the citizens of London.

Since that time, many Garden Club projects have enhanced the facility. Inside the facility we continue to co-fund the Biological Control of Insects in the Manness Conservatory. In 2007, we provided light-proof blinds to enhance projection facilities in the Birch Room – the main meeting room in the Complex.

Garden Club members have provided benches in recognition of past and present contributions to the Club. Urns throughout Springbank Park are designed and planted by the Garden Club and since 1992, the Garden Club has been working on the Woodland Restoration Project in Springbank Park.


Illuminated Road Sign
Ann Berry Cousins Peony
Peonies growing in the Rose Garden and the front bed of the Civic Garden Complex. Both are named after our first President, Ann Cousins.





Ann Cousins Peony-1
Ann Cousins Peony