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These Photos Record Unusual, Exciting and Unique Plants

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frost flower2


double Calla Lilly
Double Calla Lilly

 Neomarica gracilis – (Walking Iris)

 These interesting flowers have a beautiful fragrance and each flower lasts only for one day, as illustrated in the photos below.

walking iris0walking iris2



Cryptomeria japonica ‘Spiralis’ (Granny’s Ringlets)

Fota Island Arboretum, Cork, Ireland

The tree at Fota Island was planted in the 1800’s and is the tallest of its kind in Europe at 20m.

The national tree of Japan, this variety has particularly interesting foliage where many of the needles twist themselves around the stems giving a spiral appearance. This specimen should grow up to 6m in height with a spread of 2.5m. It is hardy to Zone 6 and slow growing.

Jeanne Anne-Blue Poppy
Jeanne Anne-Blue Poppy


Blue Poppies at Reford Garden, Quebec