Collage and Jewellery Exhibition

Collages made by members of the GCL were on display during the month of July 2013, at Masonville Library.

The collages are created from natural dried and re-formed plant material, found objects and painted medium. Each collage displays the artist’s vision and perception of the different aspects of the world.

Collage Exhibition 2013-5 Collage Exhibition 2013-2








The art included collages, assemblages, mosaics and jewelry, all made from natural plant material. That material ranges from dried flowers, to birch bark, citrus peel and avocado pits, as well as some found objects. Most are dried, but some have been glued, manipulated or painted.

Collage Exhibition 2013-7


All collages have different sizes and complexity. Material used in collages are applied in unusual, non-realistic ways to create abstract and surrealistic images. Most of the images are related to ideas, not to reality, some of them create new, unknown forms. The titles help to understand the artist’s intent.

Many were created in courses on collages offered by the Club for its members. Several have been shown in other exhibits, including Canada Blooms and international shows. Some award-winning collages were seen for the first time in London.


63 Irene Code winner



Canada Blooms 2013 - Class:Spellbinding - HM Jeanne Anne Goldrich

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