Floral Therapy at Parkwood Hospital

parkwood floral 

For two decades, dedicated members of the Garden Club of London have brought the outside in for patients at St. Joseph’s specialized geriatric services’ geriatric rehabilitation care unit.

Each month from September to June, Garden Club members bring in beautiful arrays of fresh flowers and greenery, often from their own gardens in summertime, and work with patients to create individual arrangements. Sometimes patients keep the arrangements for themselves, but other times they’re destined for a roommate, spouse or caregiver. With an average of 15 patients participating in the program each month, over 3,000 arrangements have brightened patients’ rooms over the years.


During the Garden Club program on June 4 2013, Elaine G, left, vice president complex, specialty aging and rehabilitation, presented a plaque to Club members Aditi A, Janet H, Barbara M and Judy W thanking them for the beauty, joy and creativity the Club has sewn into thousands of patients’ lives.

Elaine presenting to Garden Club members

Parkwood Appreciation Plaque


Parkwood Letters of Appreciation

Floral Designs by – Parkwood  Residents

Garden club member Aditi A, who co-convenes the Parkwood Afternoon Leisure Project, says, “Working with the flowers and plants stimulates patients’ senses – from the textures they feel, to the herbs they smell, to the bright colours – all aspects combine for a therapeutic experience”.