Woodland Restoration Project

Welcome to our living laboratory of Native and Carolinian trees, shrubs and wildflowers! –  located between Wonderland Road and the former Wonderland Gardens.

In 1990, the area was nothing more than open parkland, unappreciated for its potential as an education and environmental resource. The Garden Club envisioned, initiated, designed and planned its restoration.  Developed and maintained by its members since 1992, the area has become a fully restored natural woodland, rich in biodiversity.

Over 25 years in the making, the work is ongoing and continues to be funded by the Garden Club of London with the support of Parks and Recreation.

On-site exploration and annual tours have sparked a renewed interest in conservation and responsible stewardship.  Schools with environmental studies are invited to participate in clean-up and planting as part of a mentorship program to nurture civic responsibility and pride.  Elementary grades are also welcome to come and learn about nature in the wild as they experience a variety of fun woodland activities.

The Garden Club is proud to receive in 2015 the Carolinian Canada Coalition Award, for those who work to benefit nature in the Carolinian region.  In 2016, the Woodland Restoration project was recognized by the Ontario Parks Association for our long term contribution towards ‘Protecting Tomorrow Today’.

Woodland Fall 2014

Sheila Schaus Legacy Bench  

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Woodland Restoration Location Map

What’s Performing in the Woodland

Member Involvement

Student Mentorship Program 

   The Garden Club of London ‘Woodland Restoration Committee is one of several conservation and environmental groups partnering with the Thames Valley School Board to help students learn about environmental issues and become responsible stewards of the land. Students in Grade 10 apply for the Grade 11 Environmental Studies program – one that offers them 40 hours ‘out of class’ time of practical experience in conservation issues and practice.

As a result, Students from Catholic Central High School in London assist us each year with the more labour-intensive aspects of Early Spring Clean-up. Their participation has proven a welcome asset in readying the area for visitors.

Enjoy the photos of this passionate group of young people hard at work refreshing the paths and planting new native species.

Go Wild Grow Wild   

go-wild-posterThe Garden Club of London participates in a one day annual event sponsored by the Carolinian Canada Coalition – the biggest Expo for Nature Lovers, Adventurers, Gardeners and Whole Families who like to get out and learn about Ontario’s natural areas. It is a gathering of experts, organizations and conservation groups who provide inspiration to Go Wild, Grow Wild.

Woodland Restoration Plant Inventory 

London City Large Tree Inventory Map – Woodland Project