GCL Flower Shows


Each year, the Garden Club of London holds a Standard Flower Show.

In the odd numbered years, the show is open to the public for 2 days, usually on a weekend in May.  In the even numbered years, it is a show for members only and takes place at a regular general meeting. 

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Flower Show Canada 150 – May 2017

CANADA 150 poster high resolution





Flower Show – Mini – Reduce Reuse Relove it – October 2016

Reduce Reuse Relove it Oct 2016 Mini FS

Flower Show – Grow & Show – It’s in Our Hands – May 2015

Grow and Show 8.5 x 11

Flower Show – Garden Party – June 2014 

Flower Show – Winter Celebration – December 2013

Flower Show – Poetry in Bloom- May 2013

Flower Show – An Afternoon at the Movies – 2012

Flower Show – Joie De Vivre – 2011











The following list is all the flower shows created by the Garden Club of London since its inception in 1951. As the archives are sorted, photos that may be available will be added and then, links provided.

2010 May19.    Awakenings (mini show) Civic Garden Complex

2009 May2,3  ARTiculate “Say It With Flowers” Civic Garden Complex

2008 Dec.3.Season’s Greetings (mini show) Civic Garden Complex

2007 May 5.6 World of Wonders Civic Garden Complex

2006May17.  May Garden (mini show)  Civic Garden Complex

2005 Apr. 30, May 1     That’s Entertainment Civic Garden Complex

2004 Mar.24   Springtime (mini show) Civic Garden Complex

2003 May3,4    Our Town   Civic Garden Complex

2002 May 15.   In Print (mini show)  Civic Garden Complex

2001 May5,6  Gloriosa -50th Anniversary  Civic Garden Complex

1999 Apr. 30-May 2The Art of Spring  Civic Garden Complex

1998  Oct. 16-18  Symphony of Flowers – A Gift to Orchestra London Civic Garden Complex

1997  Apr 11,12     Parkscape Civic Garden Complex

1997 June 5-8       Art in Bloom London Art and Historical Museum

1995  Apr. 19    April Showers (mini show)  West London Alliance Church

1994 Oct. 26,27   Spooktacular      Wonderland Gardens

1993  Dec. 7  Home for Christmas Fred Landon Library

1992  Nov. 10,11 Dreams and Greens  Wonderland Gardens

1991  Apr. 30,May1    New Directions Wonderland Gardens

1990 May 16.Maytime (mini show)   Fred Landon Library

1989      May 9,10 Invitation to a Wedding Wonderland Gardens

1988      May 18.Spring Fling (mini show) Fred Landon Library

1987      May 5.6 Show Time in Wonderland Wonderland Gardens

1986      May 21.Natural Inspirations (mini show)Fred Landon Library

1985      May 15,16         Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow “In the Spirit of Today”                         The London Regional Art Gallery

1984      May 14,15 Springtime Jubilee GCL contribution to the GCO Show at RBG

1983      May 7,8 Forum for Flowers The London Regional Art Gallery

1982      May 19. Art in Showing (mini show)   Fred Landon Library

1981      May 14,15  Spring Fever Elmwood Ave. Presbyterian Church

1980      May 21. The New Look (mini show)  Fred Landon Library

1980      Nov. 19 A Christmas Medley (mini show)Fred Landon Library

1979      May 4,5 Signs of Our Times   Westminster College

1978      May 17.  The Spring Mystique (mini show)  Fred Landon Library

1977      Apr. 28,29  Kaleidoscope Canada London Pulblic Library and Art Museum

1976      May 19.  May Beauty (mini show)  Fred Landon Library

1975      May 1,2  Celebration- Our 25th Anniversary Centennial Museum

1972      May 24,25 As You Like It – with Flowers Centennial Hall

1971      Sept. 26 Back to the City (mini show) Fred Landon Library

1971      Dec. 1 Christmas Spectrum (mini show)Fred Landon Library

1970      May 5,6 The Arts in Bloom  London Art Museum

1970      Nov. 19 A Festive Affair (mini show) Fred Landon Library

1968      June 5,6 Pot Pourri de Fleurs Centennial Hall

1964      Oct. 15,16 Autumn Splendor  Westminster College

1962      June 7,8A Fragrant Fantasy Westminster College

1958      Dec. 3,4   A Treasury of Christmas Ideas  First St. Andrews United Church

1956      June 6,7    Around the World in Flowers First St. Andrews United Church

1955      May 25,26  A Century in Flowers First St. Andrews United Church

1954      June 9,10  The Wedding of Flowers First St. Andrews United Church

1953      June 10,11   June at HomeFirst St. Andrews United Church

1952      June 9,10    no recorded titleFirst St. Andrews United Church